CSV + XLS Grid Stack Stack

CSV + XLS Grid Stack

Display your CSV or Excel data in a sortable, pageable and searchable table. CSV files can be created easily from within Numbers or Excel.

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For this example, I've chosen a pageable and sortable data table. Just remember that you can easily turn these options off if you don't need them. More demos are available below the table.

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Search Feature Excel Grid

Key Features

  • Filterable

    You can filter your CSV data without having to edit the file at all; only display rows where a column equals a specific value, is larger than X, etc etc. You can also exclude certain columns from being displayed in the table (again without having to edit the CSV file).
  • Sortable

    The data can be sorted both client side and server side.
  • Pageable

    You decide how many rows are shown per page.
  • Searchable

    The data can be made searchable on the client-side.
  • Automatic HTML Conversion

    Emails can be converted to clickable links automatically. Image URLs can be converted to viewable images automatically.
  • Row and colspan support

    Cells can span multiple columns.
  • Stylable

    Column widths can be specified, column alignment (left, center, right), row and column hover color, striped table colors, specific column text and background color, etc etc...
  • Stacks 2 Only

    This stack has been created for stacks 2. Make sure you have that installed. The beta is available here.


This stack requires a PHP enabled server.


CSV Grid Stack Interface

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox  v 3.0.11+
  • Safari  v 3.2.1+
  • Opera  v 9.64+
  • Internet Explorer  v 6+
  • Chrome  v 4.0.249+

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