FX Slider Stack Stack

FX Slider Stack

This slideshow stack packs a punch with 30 transitions available! Aside from the drag and drop stack, a warehoused (PHP) stack is included as well.

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The below slider displays all possible transitions (30 in all).

Additional Features

Key Features

  • 30 Transitions Available

    The slideshow includes 30 transitions (see the demo above) - though to be fair, some are similar, but start from the right instead of the left, and so on. You can choose exactly which of these you want included in your slideshow.
  • 4 Navigation Possibilities

    You can choose to display thumbnails to navigate from slide to slide, or simply numbers or dots (circles). Or nothing at all.
  • Add Labels and Links

    The slideshow can display labels, and each slide can link to another page.
  • Warehouse Version Included

    Aside from the drag and drop version, a warehoused (PHP) version is included as well.


Images should be the same size if you use the drag and drop slider. If using the warehouse slider, this does not apply (images will be croppped or resized, depending on settings).

The warehouse version is PHP based and makes adding images very easy. Simply add them to the source folder specified in the settings. No need to drag and drop files via the RW editor interface.


FX Slider Stack Interface

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox  v 3.0.11+
  • Safari  v 3.2.1+
  • Opera  v 9.64+
  • Internet Explorer  v 6+
  • Chrome  v 4.0.249+

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