Infinite Scroll Stack Stack

Infinite Scroll Stack

As the user scrolls down, this stack pre-fetches content from the next page and adds it directly to the current page.

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The demo has been placed on a dedicated page so as to better demonstrate the infinite scrolling functionality.

Key Features

  • Infinite

    Add as many pages as you want.
  • HTML Fallback

    If for some reason a visitor does not have javascript enabled, he or she will still be able to navigate the site via the "Next page" link.
  • Customizable Load and Ending Message

    The loading and end message can be customized. You can even show a stack.


The infinite scroll stack will only work with the default stacks that come bundled with the stacks plugin. (styled text, image, HTML, 2/3 columns, left/right floating image). This is because most other stacks include javascript, which won't get executed via an AJAX fetch. Very important to keep this in mind if you decide to purchase this stack!


Infinite Scroll Stack Interface

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox  v 3.0.11+
  • Safari  v 3.2.1+
  • Opera  v 9.64+
  • Internet Explorer  v 6+
  • Chrome  v 4.0.249+

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