Portfolio Zoom Slider Stack Stack

Portfolio Zoom Slider Stack

Display your portfolio with an optional zoom and lightbox effect.

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Key Features

  • Integrated Slider

    Add up to 10 images per project description, these can be scrolled through with the integrated slider.
  • Optional zoom and lightbox effect.

    You can add both of these effects, just one, or none at all.
  • Custom Order

    Items can be ordered by date (newest first, oldest first) or shown in a random order.
  • Stacks 2 Only

    This stack has been created for stacks 2. Make sure you have that installed. The beta is available here.


Portfolio Zoom Slider Stack Interface

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox  v 3.0.11+
  • Safari  v 3.2.1+
  • Opera  v 9.64+
  • Internet Explorer  v 7+
  • Chrome  v 4.0.249+

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