Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack Stack

Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack

The Ultimate Gallery stack is our biggest stack yet, containing 9+ stacks allowing you to create galleries based on 500px, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Drag and Drop and Warehoused content. The lightbox can also be used standalone.

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12 different demos have been created, just to show you all that is possible with this stack collection.

Picasa Gallery Flickr Gallery 500px Gallery Vimeo Gallery
Grid Layout Sequence Layout Grid Layout List Layout
YouTube Gallery Drag and Drop Gallery Warehouse Gallery Gallery of Galleries
Carousel Layout Grid Layout Grid Layout Demo

Key Features

  • 7 Data Sources

    Galleries can be created 7 different ways; 1. Drag and drop - 2. Warehouse (PHP) - 3. Flickr - 4. Picasa - 5. 500px - 6. Vimeo - 7. YouTube
  • 4 Layout Types

    Each gallery can be styled in 4 different ways: 1. Grid - 2. List - 3. Sequence - 4. Carousel
  • 2 Lightbox Skins

    You can choose between 2 completely different layouts for the lightbox.
  • Advanced Preloading

    Images are automatically preloaded so that the loading indicator is shown as few times as possible.
  • Lightbox Can be Used Separately

    The included lightbox can be used as a standalone lightbox. This is a $9.95 value.
  • Protect Your Images

    Prevent right clicking and dragging of images.
  • Display More Than Just Your User Feed

    You can also showcase search results, favorites, etc.. (all depending on the gallery - see the documentation)
  • Lots and Lots of Settings

    Choose your opening animation, border width, rounded corners, background image, shadow, opacity, zoom, rotation, etc etc...
  • Built-In Documentation

    Documentation is built right in to the stack.


The warehouse gallery requires a PHP enabled server.

There are limitations to the number of results per gallery based on the type:

500px gallery20 images
picasa gallery100 images
flickr gallery500 images
vimeo gallery20 videos
youtube gallery100 videos
drag and drop galleryno limitations
warehouse galleryno limitations


Ultimate Gallery Stack Interface

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox  v 3.0.11+
  • Safari  v 3.2.1+
  • Opera  v 9.64+
  • Internet Explorer  v 7+
  • Chrome  v 4.0.249+

Buy Separately

In addition to the bundle (€13.99) containing all 7 galleries, we also allow you to buy just 1 gallery. The pricing for a single gallery is €9.99.

Ultimate 500px Gallery Ultimate Picasa Gallery Ultimate Flickr Gallery Ultimate Vimeo Gallery
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Ultimate YouTube Gallery Ultimate Drag/Drop Gallery Ultimate Warehouse Gallery
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