Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack Stack

Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack

The Ultimate Gallery stack is our biggest stack yet, containing 9+ stacks allowing you to create galleries based on 500px, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Drag and Drop and Warehoused content. The lightbox can also be used standalone.

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Demo : 500px : Grid Style Layout

The images don't cross fade here, I've disabled that setting. Instead we now see a white area whilst the lightbox is resizing.

The opening animation for the lightbox has been changed to fade; images will now gradually fade in.

Have also played with image rotation in the gallery settings, a random rotation is applied to each image, as well as a zoom on hover.

Lastly, the navigation buttons, menu bar and info bar are set to show continuously. Info bar is shown at the bottom of the screen instead of over the image.

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