Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack Stack

Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack

The Ultimate Gallery stack is our biggest stack yet, containing 9+ stacks allowing you to create galleries based on 500px, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Drag and Drop and Warehoused content. The lightbox can also be used standalone.

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Demo : Picasa : Grid Style Layout

This page uses the default "grid" view, as you see used in so many photo galleries online.

The images are set to cross-fade in to one another when you click on the next/prev button.

The loading method of the thumbnails is set to "indicator". This means that each thumbnail will show a loading indicator whilst it is loading, once the image has loaded, the image will fade in. There are two other loading methods: default (the normal browser behavior for loading images), and wait (this waits until all images are loaded before displaying the thumbnail gallery).

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