Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack Stack

Ultimate Gallery + Lightbox Stack

The Ultimate Gallery stack is our biggest stack yet, containing 9+ stacks allowing you to create galleries based on 500px, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Drag and Drop and Warehoused content. The lightbox can also be used standalone.

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Demo : YouTube : Carousel Style Layout

This gallery uses the carousel view. It is set to show 3 items per slide. You can set this to however many you like, if it doesn't fit the row a new row will be created.

I've used the default lightbox layout, but have set the info bar to appear at the bottom of the page via the info bar location setting.

I've played with the opacity of the thumbnails. This has been lowered, I also changed the background color of each image to a pink color. This is the hue effect you see when the images are loaded. If you hover over the thumbnail, the opacity goes to 100% and the pink color dissipates.

And finally, when you hover over the thumbnails you'll see a title appear.

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